NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Out now on Fördämning Arkiv:

A collection of material from old cassettes, CD-r releases etc from the English guitarist Jon Collin. Now based in Stockholm, Sweden, Collin has besides issuing several limited releases on his own Winebox Press/Early Music imprints also released several volumes of the ongoing 'Water And Rock Music' series on Feeding Tube Records. Swirling and absolutely mesmerizing instrumentals often incorporating field recordings, alternating between acoustic and electric modes. 'Music From Cassettes' was initiated after witnessing Jon Collin perform at a birthday party in Gothenburg 2019, one of the last truly memorable pre-Covid shows in town. Culling shining diamonds from his discography and putting them in a new context with more recently recorded segments, Collin has carefully edited and sequenced the recordings to flow like a album. Pressed in 300 copies. Insert with liner notes by Byron Coley and Jon Collin. Vinyl master by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Fördämning Arkiv 6.

"From 'John Train's Blues', with its classic Charalambides amp-hover, to 'Was That Me (Part 2)', which sounds like what might have happened if Manfred Eichner had asked a bumblebee to record a solo album in '74, to 'From the Portico Library', which builds a sky-bridge between Hendrix and Connnors, the music here is unifomrly superb." - Byron Coley.

NOVEMBER 12, 2020

Greymouth - Cut A Crooked Track 7" out now!

Six new tracks from Mark Anderson and Mark Sadgrove, New Zealanders now based in Japan. Obtuse duo skronk starting out on a fairly reasonable note with 'Scantling' but then slowly deconstructing the song format track by track. The Quemada description of their very underrated 2015 12" makes perfect sense on at least the A-side, "image a Back from the Grave band that was weened on Operation of Sonne and fronted by a teenage Robert Ashley", where the more mellow B-side enters a foggy and zonked out Izakaya after hours mode. EP length. Recorded at DOM Studio, Koenji. Mastered by Forbes Williams.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB043.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Headroom - Equinox 20 7" out now!
Up next: Greymouth

A slow-moving, transcendental psych-juggernaut from Headroom that follows up releases on labels like Ever/Never and Trouble In Mind. Started out as a solo outlet for guitar-player Kryssi Battalene, Headroom shortly evolved into a full band, on this recording with stalwarts Stefan Christensen, David Shapiro, Rick Omonte and Ross Menze. With close to 13 minutes split up over two 33rpm sides, the hypnotic 'Equinox 20' is a very fine example of what's been cooking in New Haven during the last few years. Mind-altering epic rock music to file in somewhere between your expensive old PSF imports, the Flying Saucer Attack discography and all those VU bootlegs. Improvised and recorded in the basement of John Miller, which is where all the Headroom and Mountain Movers stuff is recorded. Sublime!

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB042.

MAY 23, 2020

The Reds, Pinks & Purples - I Should Have Helped You 7" out now!

San Francisco-based The Reds, Pinks & Purples is Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Thuja, Teenage Panzerkorps etc) + occasional friends doing Sarah Records style indiepop heaters slightly reminiscent of The Orchids and such. Kitchen-recorded brilliance, four tracks that follows up the amazing Anxiety Art LP from 2019.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. Mastered by Sean McCann. 33rpm. IDDB041.

APRIL 8, 2020

The Futurians - Atuan 7" available now!

Deemed to happen IDDB EP from the long running Dunedin, NZ act The Futurians. Full throttle avantgarde punk/sci-fi synth chaos, the two-suite 'Atuan' follows up the massive, monotonous blown-out blasts of the recent Programmed LP (Planam, 2018) and their short cut on the Porcelain Summer compilation 7". Much has been said about The Futurians, some of our favorite quotes are "the sound of gay robots disco dancing and crushing everything underfoot", "the remnants of space debris raining down on the green hills of New Zealand", "armed with nuclear weapons as sonic dust" and well, 'the best punk band on the fucken planet!".

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB040.

MARCH 24, 2020

Weird times. Sewer Election - Kassettmusik LP out now on Fördämning Arkiv. The Futurians - Atuan 7" out on IDDB in a couple of weeks.

"April 2007. Moments captured and repeated in raw mono.
Contact mic, cassette loops + cassette amplifier"

Originally released as two private edition cassettes and then reworked for a CD release on iDEAL in 2008, Kassettmusik still stands out as one of Dan Johanssons' most confounding and bold moments. Upon its release, the extremely minimal and restrained approach on the recording took a quite unexpected turn compared to the brutish harsh noise and 'Killing For' endeavours Sewer Election was known for at the time. Crude cassette loops of sparse electronics and body sounds with the fidelity of the disintegrated magnetic tape becoming an important piece of the two side-long compositions.

Pressed in 500 copies. Insert with liner notes by Chris Sienko. Vinyl master by Viktor Ottosson.

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Family Underground and Brannten Schnüre 7"s out now!

Hazy 2019 recordings from the long running Copenhagen free-rock duo Family Underground. On 'Glitchblade' and 'Sand Between Us' Sara C. Czerny and Nicolas F. Kauffmann goes into a full droning and swampy garage mode that sort of recalls a sunlit yet gloomy Denudes on half-speed. Following up a trio of great releases on Into The Lunar Night, Ba Da Bing! and Joy De Vivre.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB038.

A 6-track EP from the German experimental dark folk duo Brannten Schnüre. A shimmering, pastoral collage of acoustic instrumentation, electronics, field recordings and haunting, austere vocals, the songs on 'Ei, Wir Tun Dir Nicths Zuleide!' comes together to something quite astonishing and otherwordly. Luboš Fišer's soundtrack to Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders comes to mind, as does the essence of Astrid Lindgren's summer scenes with fragments of the ambience of something akin to Nico's Desertshore.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB039.

JANUARY 29, 2020

Primitive Motion 7" out now!
Our record store Discreet Music opened a few days ago in Gothenburg. Discreet Music webshop up too, go to

Primitive Motion is the dream-float machine driven by Brisbane residents Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig. Elemental Dreaming consists of two songs, the mesmerizing A-side 'Telegrams For Comets' recorded in 2012 (with guest beats by Glenn Donaldson from The Skygreen Leopards etc) and the slower 'Night Colour Song' recorded in 2016.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB037.

NOVEMBER 30, 2019

Mosquitoes 7" out now!

For their 5th release, Mosquitoes return to the 7" format, forging ahead on a 1000% track record of laying down matchless, inner-nog whackery. And as they continue to move further away from formal constructs, so too do past comparisons-Pere Ubu, This Heat, Mars-become null & void. Seemingly eschewing language for cerebral motion on both tracks, Mosquitoes embark into an ocular tableau where perhaps Mnemonist Orchestra & Biota have been the only truly versed elocutionists to effectively homestead. I'm not saying there goes the neighborhood, but gentrification is everywhere. Welcome. - Tom Lax

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB036.

OCTOBER 11, 2019

Kizza Ping - Först River Man Allt LP (Fördämning Arkiv 4) out today!
Up next on IDDB: Mosquitoes & Primitive Motion.
Enhet För Fri Musik - Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig US press out on Grapefruit in December, up for pre-order now.

Kizza Ping formed in Linköping 1980 from the ashes of local punk bands such as Spy, RAS, ÅOBF and Zpamhead. Much in line with the current strains of Ny Våg/postpunk happenings around the country in the early 80's, the six members of Kizza Ping went for more a pop-oriented sound though still being somewhat firmly rooted in their DIY punk past. Influences came from acts like New Order and Reeperbahn, but the band added their own touch to the sound, especially thanks to the harmonizing duo-singing from vocalists Annette and Helene. In the autumn of 1981 the band recorded 'Männen' and 'Lär I Tid' which ended up on Kizza Ping's only release, a 7" pressed in 600 copies on the local label Dåvhjort Records. The 7" received great reviews and the band did several out-of-town shows in cities like Göteborg, Gävle and Västerås. All band activities came to a grinding halt in 1982 and no one seems to remember why. Before disbanding, the band entered the studio Bosse Sound for a final session. Först River Man Allt includes the Dåvhjort 7" as well as 7 previously unreleased tracks, everything non-chronologicaly and carefully sequenzed to work as a proper album. The final result is a varied yet cohesive slab of Swedish underground music/outsider art with rough, half-raging kicking against the pricks anthems like 'Liten' and 'Svikers' that reeks of communal youth recreation center boredom and more polished, late-era concrete jungle jewels like 'Tackar Och Tar Emot' and 'Den Nya' that you can't believe that a pack of 17-19 year olds from Linköping in Östergötland were responsible of.

Pressed in 300 copies in a matte sleeve with printed insert including photos, gig list and liner notes by Peter Kagerland. Fördämning Arkiv 4.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

K-Group 7" out now.
October: Kizza Ping - Först River Man Allt LP (Fördämning Arkiv 4)

K-Group is Paul Toohey, previously of noted NZ geological drone ensemble Surface Of The Earth. The two tracks on this 7", 'Accueil' and 'Over-Future Shop', were recorded 2018/2019 in New Zealand, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands. A prime example of dense and droning down-under ecstasy. Previous releases includes a classic self-titled album on Corpus Hermeticum and a collaboration LP with Omit on Fusetron. This is the first new K-Group release since 2003, though there was a digital-only album titled "2" in 2015.

200 copies pressed. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. 45rpm. IDDB035.

JULY 23, 2019

Three new IDDB 7"s available now.
Monokultur t-shirts available in the store.

Jesse Dewlow from Philadelphia follows up two great albums on Siltbreeze (Tricephalic Head, 2014) and Blackest Ever Black (Gunshots At Crestridge, 2016) with his first vinyl 7". Compared to earlier recordings, Magnet Hill is rather minimal and mainly based on guitar, that "a murky sub-underground feel resembling South Island NZ pop played inside of an armored car" line may still be somewhat on point, but these two downer gems are deeply rooted somewhere else. Both sides ends with two short pieces ending up in locked grooves. Magnet Hill is to coincide with new cassette releases on Alien Passengers and All Gone.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB032.

A static, haunting bliss from Michael Morley's Music for The Never Quartet project. The New Zealand-based artist and musician is best known from The Dead C but has also recorded music as Gate, The Fuck Chairs etc, as well as a couple of albums under his own name.

"Music for The Never Quartet seeks to employ the resonating qualities of wooden acoustic guitars placed upon items of wooden furniture to reveal connections between time and space by sonically activating the instruments and the other wooden objects within architectural structures. Tonal drones are produced by acoustic guitars placed on the top of solid wooden furniture. The tones are generated in the guitars using electronic bows that are placed upon the steel guitar strings. The guitars are placed horizontally onto the furniture allowing the tone to pass from the guitar into the furniture utilising the unique conductive tonal qualities of wood creating an organic amplifier effect. The larger the surface area of the furniture that is in contact with the vibrating guitar the greater the sonic volume that is produced within the object. The guitar is not affixed to the furniture in any way, gravity is the only force employed to connect the guitar to the furniture therefore insuring no damage to the surface of the furniture. No electronic audio system is required for sound reinforcement and propagation. During a performance the audience will be encouraged to record and playback loops of the quartet on their personal mobile devices so as to contribute to the composition and performance in real-time, extending the possibilities of the compositional form to include the composer, performer and the audience. The quartet may also operate as a static installation with the performance elements left in situ following a performance. The electronic bows may be applied during the course of an installation to further the requirements of performance and recording."

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB033.

I Dischi Del Barone celebrates 5 years as a label with a beautifully crammed 33rpm audio postcard. Inspired by 90's 7" compilations like I Hear The Devil Calling Me, the Bananafish comps and perhaps at least spiritually a pink sleeve Bllleeeeaaauauurrrrgghhh! or two, Porcelain Summer features 12 tracks with artists from all over the place both geographically and sonically. Since IDDB is always doing everything backwards the entire line-up consists of acts the label has not worked with previously, though some paths may have been crossed in other incarnations in the past. Shimmering lo-fi glory through falling down the stairs pop, free noise skronk, treble-down maxed out folky bliss, electronic bedroom mayhem and more so. Pumice (NZ), Johnny R. Spykes (US), Brannten Schnüre (Germany), JJulius (Sweden), Vital Idles (UK), Karla Borecky (US), Red Brut (Netherlands), Amateur Hour (Sweden), The Futurians (NZ), Greymouth (NZ/Japan), Jon Collin (Sweden/US), The Ivytree (US).

200 copies pressed, 150 on black vinyl and a mailorder edition of 50 on dark green opaque vinyl. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 33rpm. IDDB034.

JULY 8, 2019

School's out forever! Fördämning Arkiv 3 is out today.

An epic who's who of New Zealand underground music circa 2000, featuring Pumice, Peter Wright, Kunst/Veet (Witcyst), CJA & Anamarie, Sleep, Donald McPherson, GFrenzy, Kieran Monaghan, Swagger Jack, Birchville Cat Motel, Richard Francis, 1/3 Octave Band, Tim Cornelius, Seht, Antony Milton and James Kirk, a total of 16 tracks.

Originally released as a CD-R on Antony Milton's PseudoArcana in 2003, reissued as a 2xLP in a heavyweight deluxe deluxe gatefold sleeve and insert with liner notes by Antony Milton and Matthias Andersson. Photography by Andrew Ross and mastered by Viktor Ottosson. Limited to 250 copies. Fördämning Arkiv 3.

MAY 24, 2019

New IDDB 7" available now.
Summer: People Skills 7", The Never Quartet 7", V/A compilation 7"
Fördämning Arkiv: A Lowtides Rising... Exploration Around The Theme Of NZ Acoustic Music 2xLP

The first new Small Cruel Party vinyl release in over 15 years, two newly recorded 5-minute pieces for I Dischi Del Barone. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

'Small Cruel Party's work is focused on the inherent mysterious and beautiful quality of sound itself, with the emphasis on noninstrumental sound sources, the source itself not being readily apparent. Work generally involves manipulation of physical objects in acoustic space and a great deal of concentrated activity. Even in pieces involving dense sound at high volume the resultant effect is one of intense calm.'

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 33rpm. IDDB031.

MARCH 19, 2019

The second release on the IDDB sublabel Fördämning Arkiv is now ready to ship!

Some of us will never forget when we first heard Idea Fire Company's majestic and tremendously beautiful The Island Of Taste. One of the absolute favorite albums of the last 10-15 years in the IDDB Gothenburg HQ, and Fördämning Arkiv are extremely proud to now actually be a small part of this album's legacy. Over the 7 tracks, IFCO core members Karla Borecky and Scott Foust were joined by Jessi Leigh Swenson and Meara O'Reilly as well as Frans de Waard, Graham Lambkin and Dr. Timothy Shortell. A stark and romantic mission to the rocks!

"The Island Of Taste was originally released on Swill Radio in 2007. It was the last studio recording IFCO has done, at least so far. A CD reissue might be a bit insane these days, but Matthias of IDDB loves this record and wanted to issue a CD, so here it is. (I did 500 copies of the LP in 2007 and still have 50 or so left, so this is a labor of love.) Apart from Lost Victories and Last Man... Last Round, which Karla and I played together (I always play the radio live), this is entirely a studio construction made on my trusty 4 track cassette machine from tapes people sent us and from our own recordings. The other thing I did on this recording, which I have never done before or since, was that I would pick a basic track for each piece and every addition would be speed-modulated so that the tape hiss/room sound would be in tune. I think that is what gives this recording its very subtle, but odd sound quality. This is also the only record I have ever done where I had all the song titles worked out in advance and built the music to suit. A lot of people think Island is our best LP. These days I tend to think Anti-Natural or Music From The Impossible Salon, but I am not one to quibble. The CD sounds great too. Take a chance!" - Scott Foust, March 2019

The CD is pressed in 300 copies and comes in a full colour 4-panel digipack. Mastered by Zupe. Fördämning Arkiv 2.

FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Two new IDDB 7"s available now.

Unearthed 1993 recordings caught on melting master tapes in the back of a second hand bookshop in Hamilton, New Zealand. A rare and temporary teen heat trio-incarnation of Armpit, which besides Clayton Noone and Jon Arcus also had Gordon/Nodrog joining in on drums. 4 or 5 tracks were apparently recorded with this line up that also performed live once or twice. Some 25 years later, the hazy magic that occured in the back of that bookshop falls in somewhere in the middle between a more sluggish, wobbly Sun City Girls and a Les Rallises Denudes played on 16rpm or something, though in the end 'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' and 'Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts' are both unmistakably Armpit and nothing else in all their glory. Some other stuff from these sessions ended up on various Plop Recordings releases, the label that Clayton and Jon had with Stefan Neville, and a slightly different edit of 'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' also landed on the A-side of a lathe cut 7" on Insample in the mid 90's. The photography comes from their zine Plop It Up! which ran for about 12 issues 1993-1994.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover and insert. 45rpm. IDDB029.

Inevitable collaboration from Arv & Miljö and Blod, two decent examples of the Gothenburgian bullheadedness that has occured around the FFFM/never gonna fit in circles in town. A weird 9-minute collage split up over two 45rpm sides, cuts from the past fades in and out with Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid session leftovers straight from the floor tangled up with spicy snippets from limited to 14 cassettes, some 2018 live action and newly recorded nonsense. It's a poor man's mash up, an emotional coming of age/sucks-to-be-a-teenager/religious paranoia slowmo rollercoaster going backwards. Featuring Cobweb Iris, Hans Villius and Snapper samples for a good measure. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson and artwork by Charlott Malmenholt.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover and insert. 45rpm. IDDB030.

JANUARY 20, 2019

The first release on the new IDDB sublabel Fördämning Arkiv is now available. Fördämning Arkiv will be dedicated to reissues and archival releases.

Inspired by bands like Swell Maps, Raincoats, Buzzcocks, Liliput and The Undertones, the trio of Ulla Åkerström, Eva Herngren and Åsa Wassberg formed Sporten Är Död in Kungälv outside of Gothenburg in Sweden 1980. In April 1981 the band entered a studio to record the 8-song demo which turned out to be the only studio-recording the band ever did. About a 100 copies were made and the cassette is now one of the white whales of the early 80's Swedish punk. 'Der Weltcup' was featured on the Swedish compilation LP Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol.3 (released on Konkurens Rekårdz in 1981) and the band performed live a bit, mostly in and around Gothenburg but also in Linköping, before disbanding in 1982. In the mid 00's 'Der Weltcup' and some of the other tracks started to circulate among the filesharing communities and Mutant Sounds-styled blogs, and 'Der Weltcup' became a floor filler at certain indie clubs in town for a while. While some of their influences might be somewhat present, there's a certain stripped-down approach to the music that is letting the melodies and lyrics (which, by the way, deals with everything from candy bars and a distaste for athletics to John Peel) speak for themselves. A lost gem of brilliant, youthful DIY pop.

Fördämning Arkiv now presents the demo cassette on vinyl in it's entirety for the first time with a live recording made at the legendaric venue Sprängkullen in May 1982 on the flipside, everything carefully transfered and mastered by Linus Andersson at Elementstudion in Gothenburg. The live recording shows the shortlived band on its peak, passionately blasting through a bunch of new tracks like the mind-blowingly good 'Gatan (den nya)' and 'Liemannen' alongside a few numbers from the cassette.

Pressed in 300 copies in a matte sleeve with layout and design by Elin Finnsdotter Engström. Included is a 12-page booklet with lots of unseen photos and liner notes by Ulla Åkerström and Peter Kagerland.

NOVEMBER 27, 2018

Komare 7" out now.
Many of the 2018 releases are now gone from IDDB, please try Fusetron and Low Company.

Stark electronic abstraction from the London-based duo Komare which consists of Dominic Goodman and Peter Blundell from Mosquitoes. Two tracks of industrial DIY minimalism creating an organic sound world from broken rhythms and extraneous sound generated by modular synthesis with minimal bass figures and voice that is both an instrument and a cloudy narrative. With 'Got To Stop Me' and 'Hot Tarmac', Komare somewhat draw blurry lines between the weirder sides of the Door And The Window cassettes and Storm Bugs/Snatch Tapes stuff, while keeping the skeletal, crooked atmosphere of Mosquitoes.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. 45rpm. IDDB028.

OCTOBER 12, 2018

Nagual & Stefan Christen 7" + Monokultur 7" available now!
Distributed by IDDB: JJulius - Tänder Ett Ljus 7".
Arv & Miljö - Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid LP out on Omlott Records on October 26th.
Next month: Komare 7".

One of my most cheered moments this year was sitting drunk on my living room floor when someone put on an unmixed version of 'Lindholmen - Stenpiren' out of nowhere. Right there and then the most jaw-dropping amalgamation of the first bunch of Rough Trade 7"s, Berlin Super 80 and Gothenburg 2018. Monokultur is a new duo that consists of Elin and Julius from Skiftande Enheter and it certainly doesn't stop with 'Lindholmen - Stenpiren' that just happens to kick things off on this 4-track 7". A beautiful and life-elevating blur that brings selected chunks of the first Cabaret Voltaire EP to mind at times with some Gothenburg harbor messing with Cold Storage-like ambience, before jumping headfirst into ham-fisted Death Disco dub territories while pouring warm beer in the Dome 2 sleeve. Back and forth, it's all happening.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover and insert. 45rpm. IDDB027.

In the ongoing affair between New Haven and Gothenburg something new from the IDDB office favorite Stefan Christensen was very much inevitable. This time he teams up with David Shapiro and Ian McColm of Nagual for a third collaboration (the first two released as cassettes in 2017 on C/Site and Gilded Throne respectively). 11 minutes+ of pure guitar drone bliss, part drawn-out mellow side of P.S.F Records style, part Precious Metal heaven.

200 copies pressed, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover and insert. 33rpm. IDDB026.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

Back to school!
Crazy Doberman - Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun 7" available now.
The Midnight Mines - Stations 7" is sold out from IDDB but should still be available from fine distributors such as Fusetron, Low Company, Inflammable Material and Feel It.
At the plant: Monokultur and Stefan Christensen & Nagual 7"s.

Two new sides from Crazy Doberman, both culled from recordings made during spring 2018. The psychedelic ambience on the A-side at times brings to mind Swedish communal collective rock ala TGS and such, that same headspace, though passing on in slow motion. Flip the seven inch and that line “if the Glenn Miller orchestra recorded a tape for Industrial Records and microwaved the masters” still rings somewhat true. The ever-changing lineup this time around consists of Jason Filer, John Olson, Jordan Allen, Paul Baldwin, Tim Gick, John Dawson, Mark Tester, Drew Davis, Zeno Ben-Amotz and Landon Caldwell.

200 copies pressed as usual, black vinyl and stamped white labels, postcard + double sided full colour insert with artwork by John Olson. 45rpm. IDDB025.

AUGUST 11, 2018

Fåglar I Bur 7" + Fördämning #15 available now!

A new duo from Gothenburg consisting of Felicia Lindgren (Milos) and Joakim Karlsson (Facit). In Fåglar I Bur the two relatives melt together their respective pasts, standing on a foundation built on Felicia's abrasive, industrial gloom and Joakim's minimal wavey sound work. Both sides pummels through shades of random Swedish new wave obscurities and homespun DIY electronics, though always being somewhat rooted in Gothenburg here and now. The A-sider "Platt" is a grey stomper of the finest kind, at times feeling like a degraded I Am Strange Now dub played on half-speed, whereas the flipside "Öppen Inbjudan" cruises slowly on rainy GBG streets in the middle of the night and combines the duo's different takes on melancholia in a wonderful way. Photography by Mai Nestor and mastering by Viktor Ottosson.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. IDDB024.

The final issue! Levande Begravd, Mosquitoes, Slender, Knotwilg Records, Itchy Bugger, Independent Woman Records, Regional Bears, Shadow Ring (feature on Lighthouse/Lindus/I'm Some Songs), Speculum Fight (an overview). Speaker Crackle In The Garden (NZ lathe cuts - Part VI). Record and show reviews. A5, 44 pages, 250 copies.

JULY 26, 2018

Midnight Mines and Maxine Funke 7"s available now.
Fåglar I Bur 7" + Fördämning #15 soon!

Four new tracks from New Zealand underground folk artist Maxine Funke. Her two albums Lace and Felt, released in very limited editions in 2008 and 2012 respectively and both reissued by Time-Lag Records in 2016, are marvelous excursions in songwriting and it seems like everyone that heard them has been waiting for something more since then. A few videos of Maxine performing songs in her home started to appear on Youtube and in 2017 Dynamite Hemorrhage published an interview with her. This new EP continues on the same path as before, pure, beautiful music evoking the timeless nature of artists like Sibylle Baier and Kath Bloom.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. IDDB023.

Two track 45 from a London duo who have been putting out a steady stream of thematic releases over the past few years. Their first tape ‘Dancehall Style’ featured them playing over loops of deconstructed Black Ark rhythms, whilst their 2016 LP ‘If You Can’t Find A Partner Use A Wooden Chair’ purported to be the first release in a rock’n’roll trilogy that as yet hasn’t been completed. Recording sessions are sporadic and completely improvised, later edited and overdubbed into songs at home. The majority of their output has come out on their own Mystery Plane imprint although they have recently released material on the Loki Label in the United States. There have also been two solo tapes covering Baron Saturday’s psych-folk excursions and Private Sorrow’s downer techno. Future plans include a double CD compilation on the New Zealand based Independent Woman Records, and a ‘live DJ mix’ recorded with the General Echo Sound System for RWDFWD.

This particular single takes a dubwise production approach to ramshackle DIY punk with delay-baked vocals and a flipside ‘version’ in classic JA 7” fashion. “Stations” is a tinny goth club stomper, moody guitar lines reverberating over a repetitive bassline. “Radio Dub” is the slow crawl of the night bus home, rain-smeared horns heralding a spoken word lament.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. IDDB022.

JUNE 5, 2018

Summer returnal. New 7"s out now from Leda and The Dead C!
Up next: Midnight Mines, Maxine Funke, Fåglar I Bur.
The long delayed Fördämning #15 will be out later this summer.
Lots of new stuff in the store. Nocturnal Projections! Blod - Knutna Nävar LP restock! Tall Dwarfs cassettes! Yuzo Iwata! D.A.P.A! Korea Undok Group!

Another genre-defying slab of brilliance from Sofie Herner's solo beast Leda, perhaps the most stubborn and self-evident project in the tiny FFFM-universe. Two new tracks, both taking an even more stripped down and monotonous approach compared to the previous IDDB-inch and the ultra limited 2017 LP. Slow burning proto-industrial basement buzz ticking all the right boxes, sort of channeling the spirit of early Total while investigating NWW-list luminaries on the lunch break.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm. IDDB020.

"The tracks were recorded in April 2017 during sessions for the new LP, at the Pioneer Hall, Port Chalmers. We hired the village hall for an afternoon, set up the studio and laid down enough tracks for an album and a single. This is the sound of the Dead C inside a large wooden box, brutal and refined; loud and lazy; indifferent and unrelenting. After 31 years our sound is perfect in its total rejection of any standards other than the completely arbitrary ones we set ourselves. We cannot be meaningfully assessed against any measure except the Dead C, and our overall trajectory is still climbing." - Bruce Russell

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. IDDB021.

FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Korea Undok Group - Continent 7" out now!
Huge mailorder update, including records from Black Petal, Zelle, Spacecase, Senufo Editions, Ikuisuus, lots of NZ stuff etc. Omit box set!

Two new tracks from Canada's Korea Undok Group.

Continent is a record about memory, time and identity, and marks the first non-reissue vinyl output from KUG. The title track, and a-side of the record, concerns memory and its disintegration over time. Throughout our lives, we encounter far too many people, places and things—so many that it will always be completely impossible to remember them all. Continent serves as a goodbye to these things, the moments we've lost into ourselves. Talula St's vocal re-rendition of Cocteau Twin's Garlands gently waves them away, maybe to be vaguely remembered for a second, until disappearing completely into a wash somewhere.

The record’s b-side, On Alibi, takes a less-personal turn, instead considering the idea of sincerity acting as alibi in art. Supposing one is sincere in their intention, it can act as a defence in some way—the intention of one acting on what they believe to be true becomes the justification for what they've done. Honesty as alibi. Perhaps some self-reflection after a rather personal turn during the first song.

7" respects standard Canadian language rule, with English & French sides, respectively.

IDDB 019

200 copies. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm.

DECEMBER 10, 2017

Drunk Elk 7" and Fördämning #14 out now.

Two new tracks from Drunk Elk, a trio from Hobart, Tasmania. A major highlight in the IDDB office throughout the last few years and arguably one of the best bands on earth right now with a under-the-radar discography filled with genuine gems. Wonky, lonesome down-under brilliance, in spirit and partially in sound channeling everything from The Garbage & The Flowers to The Shadow Ring while ultimately lingering beautifully in a parallel universe. Slow-motion wine-infused avant-folk with the distinctive vocals of Dave Askew, both tracks recorded mid 2016 and following up the very much overlooked Constellations 2x7" released on Black Petal in 2015. The A-side 'In The Tuscan Sun' is probably their finest moment yet, one of their most direct, heart-wrenching numbers and right now the best track IDDB ever spent euros on. The 'Wings Of Winter' flipside is more traditional Elk, precarious and fucked late night desolation. The 7" comes with a 8-page booklet featuring a chapter from Dave's story 'The Land Over The Ocean'.

IDDB 018

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, booklet. Plays at 45rpm.

JULY 15, 2017

No vacation! Two new 7"s out now + a cassette manufactured and distributed by IDDB.
The Neutral 7" went fast but can be purchased here.
Fördämning #13 out in August.

Two six-minute montages of reversed mitosis episodes, in which scaly pods, ruptured eggs, and clumps of partially digested hair smush through one another and glom together in unstable strains of S-Glass-spanktified dad-noise. 'Backlit Colander With Holes Shaped Like Numbers' crawls with bacteria from munched electronics, murmurs of a chimney-entrapped Frampton (plus camel, but that should go without saying), tape yoont teetering on the lip of a magnetic abyss, and piercing splats from tiny automatic paintball guns. “High” and “lonesome” are the operative descriptors of 'Bok Choy Festival': Barbara Manning’s guitar loops backfire and self-annihilate in private spritz-overdose orgies; avian-constructed effigies of Annie Hayworth curdle; narration on the topic of body dysmorphia is provided courtesy of thrift store cassettes and a Sister Rosetta Thorpe quotation.

IDDB 017

Cover artwork by Karen Constance. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm.

Magnificent 7" from Australia's Blue Chemise that follows up the peculiar, gone-in-a-heartbeat Influence On Dusk LP from early 2017. Taking a more composed approach without abandoning the abstract, uncanny atmosphere from it's Greedy Ventilator predecessors, 'The Music Lesson' and 'Watcher At The Window' both shows a more refined, elegant side of Blue Chemise. Beautifully restrained grandioseness by violin and tapes.

IDDB 016

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm.

Third, or fourth depending on who you ask, fullength from Arv & Miljö. Another bridge burner, sort of continuing where Kropp (Posh Isolation, 2014) left off but at the same time not at all, this new 9-track album is a collection of sounds gathered in Gothenburg during a long period of time but with a heavy focus on the latter half of 2015. Snippets of boredom, heart attacks, disgusting food, “När vi två blir en”, Dan Treacy meets Birgitta Stenberg and the coming of age, assembled into some sort of nonlinear and rather dizzy audio diary that will speak to few. 50% dumb shit, 20% other people’s music, 29% larger-than-life grandiosma, 1% "Swedish tape noise". Edition of 100 copies. Originally released as a LP on Förlag För Fri Musik in 2016.

MAY 4, 2017

Neutral 7" out now.

After two albums it was just about the right time for Neutral to enter the let's make a single-mode, and of course the outcome is a wonderful head-scratcher of the finest kind. The A-side bliss that is 'A-B-C' is a somewhat classic Neutral track though exploring the more disconnected, free-roaming side of the damned things. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, life is off kind of anti-rock and perhaps the first time we ever heard drums in Neutral. The feedback mayhem on '2-0-1-6' was captured in a barn out in the forest of the region of Småland a freezing summer night in front of a drunken moshpit of approximately 27 losers. You can't play in Belgium every weekend hums the grisly buzz from the monitors. The whole deal is finally sealed by a lovely interpretation of Le Forte Four's 'Japanese Superheroes' that is as awkward as it is exquisite, a fanfare for the record scavengers and eternal dreamers.

IDDB 015

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm.

FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Stefan Christensen - Open Day 7" available now.
Fördämning #11 is here as well!
Arv & Miljö

Following a slew of recent solo releases, this is the first vinyl single from Stefan Christensen, known from New Haven, CT bands like Estrogen Highs and Permanent Feels. Like a one-legged Crazy Horse sort of walking on the Xpressway towards the Twisted Village and stopping by Columbus, Ohio for a minute, these 5 tracks range from Galbraithian over-before-it-began cassette-folk (Open Day) to V-3 like smutty, downer rock (Brass City Dilemma and Braille), accidently scratching a few Precious Metal lathe cuts in-between. Christensen manoeuvres the 4-track recorder like there is no tomorrow, mixing down dirge but at the same time oddly uplifting and smashing songs that are just as immediate as they are life-affirming somewhere in all their distorted and tape-saturated gloom.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm. (IDDB 014)

OCTOBER 29, 2016

Blod - Käre Jesus/Mandys Bil 7" out now.
Fördämning #10 available since a few weeks back and is going fast.

Another nerve-wrecking tape collage work from the Gothenburg-based Blod. Spun from the circle around Enhet För Fri Musik, Blod uses found cassettes to create bizarre glimpses of an extremely cold but thrilling north. Thrift store gems of private home recordings of children singing, random conversations and crude boom box experimentation, sometimes spiced up with sparse instrumentation and always layered with a rudimentary paus-rec ff-rewind editing. There’s a humorous vein often absent in contemporary tape music, yet the private nature of the source material adds a disturbing flavour. It’s often like breaking in into someone’s living room on a Saturday night and hiding behind the rugged IKEA family couch. 'Käre Jesus' is based on repeated snippets from a Christian congregation somewhere in Sweden, classic A-side material and the one for the charts. The slow burner 'Mandys Bil' on the flipside investigates how gruelling it can be to own a car.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Four different cover variations. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB 013)

AUGUST 27, 2016

Sarah Mary Chadwick 7" available now! Total late summer days back to school soundtrack.
Next 7" is from Sweden and it is at the plant right now and will be out in October.
Fördämning #10 in the works and ready "soon".
New Arv & Miljö LP out now on Förlag För Fri Musik, available here.

One of the most played albums in the IDDB office of 2015 was Sarah Mary Chadwick's 9 Classic Tracks (Siltbreeze). On this 7" the Melbourne-based artist gives us two tracks from the same session as the new album Roses Always Die which was recently released on Rice Is Nice. Two tracks of just guitar and vocals, stripped down to the bare minimum and driven by an austere ambience.

As always, 200 copies, black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB012)

JUNE 9, 2016

Posset 7" out now!
Stuff from Australia and Sweden is coming next.
Also available: Fördämning #9.

Two new tracks from the Newcastle-based improvisor Joe Murray and his Posset, known from releases on Mantile, Chocolate Monk, No Basement Is Deep Enough and more. 'Fanzine Ink Dries Like Black Blood' was recorded on 9th Jan 2016 at BOOKSHOP in Sunderland City Library. Mainly mainly made up of vocal-jaxx loops, dry breath and child chatter. It's the final four minutes of a longer live jam. No overdumps! 'Slurpy Slurpy Creep Creep' is the relentless squelching from a wet mouth that's been physically spliced into cranky tape. An improvisation. An exploration of sharp pencil tap and wickedly pinched spools.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB011)

APRIL 15, 2016

New seveninch out today!
One more before the summer.
Fördämning #9? Soon.

The two-song vinyl debut from Sofie Herner, the younger half of the Malmö/Gothenburg duo Neutral, following up a fairly unheard cassette released on Ingen Våg in 2014. The A-side cut wouldn't have been completely out of place on a Root Don Lonie For Cash lathe cut from the 90's, but the underlying heaviness and overall psychedelic guitar/synth blur blasted through a shitty amplifier totally sets it apart. Flip the vinyl and find a sort of fragile take on kosmische musik, straight from the Utmarken elementary school. Japanese whispers. A homespun scorcher and a completely unique voice in the Swedish underground. Recorded at the IDDB headquarters spring 2014.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB010)

FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Charcoal Owls!
IDDB010 and IDDB011 at the plant. More Sweden, more UK.
New issue of Fördämning out in a month or two.

The duo of Russell Walker and Tom James Scott follows up the Coventry Campbell CS from 2015 with two new tracks. A splendid, minimalistic mixture of post-Savoury Days UK DIY slow motion pop through shimmering organ melodies, sparse drumming, piano and field recordings, with a sense of melancholia sort of recognizable from Tom James Scott solo recordings but at the same time not at all. Everything unified with the unmistakable vocals of Russell Walker, covering Navinder Singh Sarao and whatnot.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stampedmwhite labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. (IDDB009)

JANUARY 22, 2016

A new 7" out now and another two at the plant.

An ode to Gothenburg. Ten minutes focusing almost entirely on the sounds of seagulls and rain, with only tiny hints of the troubled A&M past. Recordings from a window, July 2015. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33rpm. (IDDB008)

OCTOBER 28, 2015

The Dead Seee 7" is indeed sold out but should still be available from
Fusetron, Metamkine, Penultimate Press and a few other places. Last handful of copes
of the Idea Fire Company and No Intention 7"s too so now is the time.
IDDB008 and IDDB009 at the plant and will both be done early 2016.
Fördämning #8 is taking shape, deadline for review stuff is November 30th. Over and out.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015

Autumn breeze! The Dead C - Palisades 7" out now.

This single by New Zealand’s most overly-prolific trio is taken from the sessions for their upcoming double LP on Ba Da Bing. Forthcoming non-selections recorded live in an empty bar in Port Chalmers, and produced by the band as all their records are. Nothing much changes in the Dead C’s world, it just all happens again and again in the same way. Who could ask for more?

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB007)

AUGUST 17, 2015

Summer's gone. Krube. 7" out now! Full info below.
Fördämning #7 available too, featuring Corpus
Hermeticum, Penultimate Press and Massimo Toniutti.
IDDB007 at the plant and out within the next 2 months.

Untitled two-tracker from Berlin's Krube, following up releases on labels such as Hrönir and Fragment Factory. A step even further into oblivion, exploring unknown territories via daunting everyday life recordings and electronic slices of nothing and everything.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB006)

MAY 5, 2015

A new 7" is out now! Next one at the plant, to be
released this summer. Also available now is Fördämning #6.

Two prime cuts of intense noise bliss from Rodger Stella, sort of in the vein of some One Dark Eye stuff with a psychedelic twist slightly reminiscent of C.C.C.C. Stuff flies out of everywhere.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm. (IDDB005)

JANUARY 2, 2015

Two new IDDB 7"s available now.
Issue 5 of Fördämning is hot off the presses too.

Kostis Kilymis is a sound artist based in London, UK. This 7" contains new material following two cassette releases for Mazurka Editions and Hideous Replica. Two tracks recorded at home and outside in 2014 using circuits, pulses and wind noise - one a bit rhythmic, the other less so.

Mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm. (IDDB004)

Lea Bertucci's debut album Resonance Shapes LP from 2013 is an overlooked gem that caused a small stir at the IDDB office. On this much more stripped down affair the New York-based artist changed her bass clarinet for an old alto sax and the two cuts delivered here are somewhat different, but just as intimate and perplexing.10 mesmerizing minutes that owes just as much to free jazz skronk as it does to contemporary sound art.

Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm. (IDDB003)

AUGUST 2, 2014

More plastic. First two IDDB releases ready to be ordered,
played and adored. A crusade for good taste.
1 euro per inch. Lots of 7"s in the works.
Free 1" buttons with all initial orders.

2013 marked the 25th anniversary of Idea Fire Company, the duo of Scott Foust and Karla Borecky based in Amherst, Massachusetts. Right before the end of the year The Laboratory EP was recorded. Two tracks of icy synth work, at times sort of reminiscent of parts of the Anti-Natural LP from 1999, but this probably being the most stripped down and monotonous material you will be able to find in the splendid discography of Idea Fire Company.

Mastered by Zupe. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm. (IDDB001)

Sound poetry/tape music from Allen Mozek/Good Area, following up the Debris Music CS released on Vitrine in 2013. Recorded at home, early 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.

Side A plays at 45rpm, Side B at 33 1/3rpm. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. (IDDB002)