Some of us will never forget when we first heard Idea Fire Company's majestic and tremendously beautiful The Island Of Taste. One of the absolute favorite albums of the last 10-15 years in the IDDB Gothenburg HQ, and Fördämning Arkiv are extremely proud to now actually be a small part of this album's legacy. Over the 7 tracks, IFCO core members Karla Borecky and Scott Foust were joined by Jessi Leigh Swenson and Meara O'Reilly as well as Frans de Waard, Graham Lambkin and Dr. Timothy Shortell. A stark and romantic mission to the rocks!

"The Island Of Taste was originally released on Swill Radio in 2007. It was the last studio recording IFCO has done, at least so far. A CD reissue might be a bit insane these days, but Matthias of IDDB loves this record and wanted to issue a CD, so here it is. (I did 500 copies of the LP in 2007 and still have 50 or so left, so this is a labor of love.) Apart from Lost Victories and Last Man... Last Round, which Karla and I played together (I always play the radio live), this is entirely a studio construction made on my trusty 4 track cassette machine from tapes people sent us and from our own recordings. The other thing I did on this recording, which I have never done before or since, was that I would pick a basic track for each piece and every addition would be speed-modulated so that the tape hiss/room sound would be in tune. I think that is what gives this recording its very subtle, but odd sound quality. This is also the only record I have ever done where I had all the song titles worked out in advance and built the music to suit. A lot of people think Island is our best LP. These days I tend to think Anti-Natural or Music From The Impossible Salon, but I am not one to quibble. The CD sounds great too. Take a chance!" - Scott Foust, March 2019

The CD is pressed in 300 copies and comes in a full colour 4-panel digipack. Mastered by Zupe.

F-ARKIV 2 - Releasedate 25/3 - 2019 - AVAILABLE


Inspired by bands like Swell Maps, Raincoats, Buzzcocks, Liliput and The Undertones, the trio of Ulla Åkerström, Eva Herngren and Åsa Wassberg formed Sporten Är Död in Kungälv outside of Gothenburg in Sweden 1980. In April 1981 the band entered a studio to record the 8-song demo which turned out to be the only studio-recording the band ever did. About a 100 copies were made and the cassette is now one of the white whales of the early 80's Swedish punk. 'Der Weltcup' was featured on the Swedish compilation LP Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol.3 (released on Konkurens Rekårdz in 1981) and the band performed live a bit, mostly in and around Gothenburg but also in Linköping, before disbanding in 1982. In the mid 00's 'Der Weltcup' and some of the other tracks started to circulate among the filesharing communities and Mutant Sounds-styled blogs, and 'Der Weltcup' became a floor filler at certain indie clubs in town for a while. While some of their influences might be somewhat present, there's a certain stripped-down approach to the music that is letting the melodies and lyrics (which, by the way, deals with everything from candy bars and a distaste for athletics to John Peel) speak for themselves. A lost gem of brilliant, youthful DIY pop.

Fördämning Arkiv now presents the demo cassette on vinyl in it's entirety for the first time with a live recording made at the legendaric venue Sprängkullen in May 1982 on the flipside, everything carefully transfered and mastered by Linus Andersson at Elementstudion in Gothenburg. The live recording shows the shortlived band on its peak, passionately blasting through a bunch of new tracks like the mind-blowingly good 'Gatan (den nya)' and 'Liemannen' alongside a few numbers from the cassette.

Pressed in 300 copies in a matte sleeve with layout and design by Elin Finnsdotter Engström. Included is a 12-page booklet with lots of unseen photos and liner notes by Ulla Åkerström and Peter Kagerland.

F-ARKIV 1 - Releasedate 25/1 - 2019 - SOLD OUT